Lisa Ford


Lisa Ford

Office Manager


    Lisa was born and raised in the County of Yorkshire in the UK, she is happily married to Andrew and a mother to two wonderful children.

    Most of Lisa’s working career has been within the National Health Service in the UK, in Older Person’s Health hospitals, and in the community. Her work revolved around Rehabilitation of older people who had suffered major trauma, surgery or illness. She also worked within the Podiatry Service for older people.

    Since arriving in South Australia in 2011, she didn’t work for a couple of years preferring to help her children adjust to a new life in Australia.

    When she decided it was time for her to return to work, she spent a lot of time trying to find a position that allowed her to be able to make a difference in people’s lives. Lisa decided that a position within the Hearing Industry would allow her to do just that. Having worked with Dean previously she jumped at the offer of working with him again within his new company ‘My Hearing’.

    I believe that every person no matter what their age, should have as much assistance as possible to enable them to lead a full happy productive life.