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Income tax rebates for hearing aids

If you earn an income and pay income tax, you will be able to claim a tax offset for out-of-pocket costs on hearing aids –expenses after other subsidies, government reimbursements and insurance fund benefits.

Amount you can claim

While tax offsets are now means tested for higher income thresholds (see below), people below these thresholds will continue to be able to claim a reimbursement of 20% for net medical expenses over $2,120 when they lodge their tax return.

Who will be affected by Means Testing?

  • Individuals with taxable income is $84,000 for singles
  • Couples or families with combined taxable income above $168,000 for a couple or family.

What records do you need to keep?

  • Details of the medical expenses you wish to claim
  • Details of refunds you received, or are entitled to receive, from Medicare or a private health insurer

For more information refer to the Australian Tax Office website.